About Us

20 Years of Excellence

We are the Best Team for Retail Automation and Professional Design Security Surveillance Provider.

We provide and exclusively sells and installs complete POS Management Solutions and Surveillance CCTV devices which include software, hardware and system support.

Back in 1996, with anticipation towards the future growth of our Malaysian economy,  Mr. KK. Lau established Top Star Electronic (Sabah) Sdn. Bhd. (TESB). Situated in the City of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, our main business activities consists of Electronic Cash Registers and Point of Sale solutions for Retail and F&B for market in Sabah, Malaysia.

Many well known companies are involved in different type of businesses which require highest level of skills and professionalism in Products Marketing, Business Management, Products / Stocks Flows Control Management, Financial / Accounts Control Management and Safety Environment Monitoring Management. They are the 5 keys ingredients to the recipe of building a successful business regardless of its’ industry and scale. We helped various kind of businesses to manage their products, sales process, financial flow and the safety environment, ranging small retail to large multi-chain stores.

Inline for our direction of having a permanent and ready system for demonstration, a new system demo area was conceptualized to cater for the Electronic Cash Register (ECR) / CCTV devices Direct Sales Department and Local Dealers.

Situated at the Lot No. 15-1, 1st Floor, Block B, Heritage Plaza, Off Jalan Lintas, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, it provides a full line-up of all the middle and top range Casio Electronic Cash Register (ECR) models and variety of CCTVs type and models which suite our customer’s requirement.

All the machines / surveillance devices are wired to the center computer system and are able to output to the kitchen / bar printers / related devices to assists in demonstration.

The main objective of providing the full-fledged demo covering both hardware and software solutions.

Dedicated Support Team

The provision of maintenance service is an important part of the operation management. As thus, we have a team of Technician and Support Personnel extensively trained in hardware, software installation and maintenance dedicated to you.

One of the key component of a complete business solution is the choice of computers and accessories that you will use every day.

In such a critical application as your POS terminals, our goal is to offer you the most reliable system at a reasonable cost so as to eliminate frustrations and headaches.

We also carry many of the major manufacturers’ POS Peripherals. Peripherals that we provide are chosen for their overall reliability and reasonable cost.